Fairy Dust Dress "The Cherub Collection"


There are no words.  Only jaws dropping for the beautiful 'Fairy Dust' Dress Collection.  Be one among the fairies little babe, simply choose which collection of the fairies you want to belong to...the stunning peekaboo with eyelash lace trim sleeves are making this one of the most popular of our shorter length Fairy Dust Dresses. 

*Flower is easily removed from the white dress if not desired, or if you wish to place it in another area of the dress.

*Our model is 9 mo wearing size 12 months & our “Flower Crown Head Wreath” in the color “White/Pink Mix”.        You can find this under Shoes & Accessories —> Babies & Toddlers in the main menu. 

Size chart:

Size : Bust (inch)  Length (inch)
6-12 months 18" 17"
12-18 months 19" 18"
2 years 20" 21"
3 years 21" 22"
4 years  22" 23"
5 years 23" 24"
6 years 24" 26"